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Starbridge to Your Door: 2020

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Artist Statement

Our intention for Olympia's Window Project is to create an installation that is calling to both our past and future ancestors. We as a whole are facing climate change, war, police brutality,

pandemic viruses, natural disasters. We see this at every turn, there is a collective anxiety, and our children are feeling hopelessness and dealing with deepening anxieties. We three represent descendants of peoples who have been stolen, traversed over oceans, sold as property, forcibly removed from our families, seen our lands and peoples ravaged and exploited. These things that we are facing, our ancestors faced; their resilience is in our blood and what we face requires a collective response/remedy. Our installation is a prayer: we are bridging our ancestors to our prayer for the future to find and create the answers that we need. We are calling in a future, a future where we can be in balance, and carry out our ancestor's deepest dreams.

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